DeSean Jackson Accepts Invitation to Visit Auschwitz

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made headlines last week after posting a series of anti-Semitic messages on social media.
Even though Jackson apologized and deleted the posts, for example. He was disciplined by the Eagles on Friday for conduct detrimental to the team. This was not surprising. As part of his apology, Jackson said he plans on donating to Jewish community efforts. Will he?

Therefore, during a Zoom call with Edward Mosberg. A survivor of the Holocaust who was dressed in his concentration camp uniform. Jackson accepted an invitation to visit Auschwitz.

“I grew up in Los Angeles. Never really spent time with anyone from the Jewish community and didn’t know much about their history, this has been such a powerful experience for me to learn and educate myself,” he said on the call.

DeSean Jackson Is Going to Auschwitz

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Firstly, Jackson said this. “I want to take the proper steps to let people know that I never intentionally had any hatred in my heart. Also, I never wanted to put the Jewish community down. I want to educate myself more and help bridge the gaps between all different cultures.”

Secondly, From The Depths, an organization that supports Holocaust survivors, is arranging details of the trip with Jackson. Mosberg is an honorary chairman of the organization. We look forward to hearing more.

“We are working with DeSean and his team to set dates for this trip to go ahead and are happy that DeSean agreed,” Jonny Daniels, the founder of From The Depths, who originated the Zoom call between Jackson and Mosberg, said in a statement.

In conclusion, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, who is Jewish, also invited Jackson to visit. Visit the United States Holocaust Museum In Washington. However, if he is interested in learning more about what the Jewish community went through during the holocaust. He posted a message on social media saying he had spoken to Jackson directly.

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